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Accurate Balance & Calibration Services Inc., is an independently owned authorized distributor for Heusser Neweigh, a manufacturer of quality weights and weighing accessories.  

The following products are available:  

Highly Polished Or Satin Finish.
Analytical Weight Sets.
Top Loading Weight Sets
Grip Handle Stainless Steel.
Grip Handle Cast Iron.
Single Weights.
Custom Made Weight Sets.
All ASTM Classes Available.
All weights Are N.I.S.T. Traceable.

Our prices are highly competitive.  Most weights are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Analytical Weights, Individual & Sets ASTM Classes 0 through 4

Highly polished gram and kilogram weights are made of non-magnetic stainless steel with high nickel and chromium content for hardness and corrosion resistance.  Fractional “leaf” weights (50mg to 500mg) are made of stainless steel. Weights 1mg to 30mg are made of aluminum.  Milligram weights are flat with one edge turned up for ease of handling.  Each weight is marked with its nominal value.  Larger weights are cylindrical in shape with a knob on top for easy grasping with forceps. 

Custom Weight Sets

Any individual weights can be ordered and placed into a “custom set”.  This eliminates numerous weights in individual cases and minimizes the number of certificates to keep track of.  Weight cases help protect your weight investment.  There is no extra charge other than the cost of the case.

Protective Cases

All weight sets are furnished in appropriate cases made of impact-resistant polypropylene and/or professionally crafted hardwood.  Forceps and/or gloves are included. 

Heusser Neweigh Calibration Weights for Electronic Balances & Scales

·        All stainless steel weights are cylindrical and stackable grip-handle styles

·        Available in OIML, ASTM and NIST class tolerances

·        Available in metric, avoirdupois and other units of measure

·        Traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

·        Certified to meet today’s ISO and other quality assurance requirements

 Cylindrical & Grip-Handle Styles

 Weights 8 kg and up, are of a grip-handle design for easy handling.  They stack perfectly.

Weights 4 kg and lower, are of a cylindrical design with a groove for easy handling.  They also stack perfectly. 

5 kg weights are available in both cylindrical and grip-handle designs. 

Protective Cases 

Various sizes and types of cases are available.  We will group individual weights of your choice together to provide “custom sets”.  This eliminates numerous weights in individual cases and minimizes the number of certificates.  Impact-resistant polypropylene cases are provided for weights up to 10 kg.  Heavy-duty plastic cases are available for weights up to 30 kg.  Professionally crafted hardwood cases are also available. 

Heusser Neweigh Quality

Heusser Neweigh’s calibration weights are calibrated in accordance to ANSI/ASTM E617 requirements.  Heusser Neweigh is ISO Guide 25, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ISO 9002 & Military Standard 45662A compliant

Heusser Neweigh OIML Weights, (Individual and sets)  OIML Classes E-1, E-2, F-1, F-2

Heusser Neweigh OIML weights conform to the standards of the International Recommendation R111.  They are manufactured of stainless steel with low magnetic permeability and high resistance to corrosion.  All surfaces are highly polished.  Weight bottoms are slightly recessed to expose the smallest possible area of wear. 

OIML weights are furnished individually or in sets of various denominations.  They come in protective cases when ordered individually or as a set.

Heusser Neweigh Precision Hook and Slotted Weights

Heusser Neweigh offers a complete line of precision hook and slotted weights.  Both types are available in all tolerance classes.  They can be ordered as individual weights or weight sets.  Sets can be assembled from individual weights to meet your specific requirements.  Weight cases are provided as required.

 Special and Custom Weights

Heusser Neweigh is equipped to meet virtually any requirement to meet your needs.  For a quotation, please phone, fax or e-mail us your requirements.

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